Our responsibility

Man of a kind is a part of NK Retail AB

NK Retail AB’s overriding goal is to create profitable and sustainable growth and thus value for its shareholders and for other stakeholders. This should be achieved by offering customers the ultimate shopping experience and this requires good products and excellent service in our stores. Active work in relation to CSR and environmental questions is an important basic requirement in order to succeed with the overall goal. In our work on CSR and sustainability, NK Retail AB pursues the following goals:

Responsible production
Goods sold through NK Retail AB’s subsidiaries shall be produced in accordance with international standards and frameworks for working conditions and human rights. Where there is a risk of deviations, measures should be continually taken to improve conditions. The environmental impact from production should always be considered and where possible minimized.

Attractive products
Products that are sold through NK Retails AB’s subsidiaries should be safe for the user and should not contain chemicals that may be hazardous for people or the environment. Design, choice of material and purchasing should consider safety, the environment and ethics.

Sustainable operations
The operations should be conducted responsibly and with respect for each stakeholder. This means that continuous improvements in social responsibility and the environment should be part of everyday life.